Thursday, June 30, 2011

Too Gruesome For Prime Time?

Here's an unpublished strip that I pulled from rotation on the grounds that it was just too darn gruesome.  Also, that stump could be misinterpreted as something less innocent than a severed appendage of gristle and bone. I drew it while waiting for a repair man to show up to fix our clothes dryer and he was four hours late so my bile must have been raised somewhat. The plan was to expound on this misfortune in future strips where Eightball is fitted with an artificial limb that was constantly going wrong with hilarious consequences but I have reservations that this is plain stupid, in somewhat poor taste and not entirely in sync with his character. Do any one of my five lovely blog readers have an opinion?


Jessie said...

If I were your edit I would've shuffled my cigar to the other side of my mouth and said Run it!

J. Lemon said...

I wish you were my editor. Cigars are so much less gross than chewing tobacco and a nose whistle.