Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rabbits Against Dry Celebrities

Here's a couple of strips I did for the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation which is a non-profit provider of affordable housing for the low income residents of San Francisco.  Thy throw an annual ritzy event––all for a good cause––where celebrities are thrown into the pool at the extravagant Phoenix Hotel.  From what I understand, they're going to use my cartoons on large advertising billboards that appear on public toilets all over the city. I believe that my career can officially only go downhill from there.


This is the entire Freak Show series ran this week.  This is partly a homage to the Tod Browning movie (one of all-time my favorites) but also to the seminal Freak Show CD by The Residents.  If you're familiar with that album, you'll spot several tiny references I slipped into the last two strips including a tiny double headed Resident eyeball creature (final strip, second panel, bottom left).

Too Gruesome For Prime Time?

Here's an unpublished strip that I pulled from rotation on the grounds that it was just too darn gruesome.  Also, that stump could be misinterpreted as something less innocent than a severed appendage of gristle and bone. I drew it while waiting for a repair man to show up to fix our clothes dryer and he was four hours late so my bile must have been raised somewhat. The plan was to expound on this misfortune in future strips where Eightball is fitted with an artificial limb that was constantly going wrong with hilarious consequences but I have reservations that this is plain stupid, in somewhat poor taste and not entirely in sync with his character. Do any one of my five lovely blog readers have an opinion?

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Mad Man Made of Animals

Mad magic from the mind of Don Martin. The always interesting Comiccrazys Blog is running a whole bunch of Don Martin strips at the moment. As a child I was obsessed with Mad magazine, especially the first 23 issues. The switch from the comic book format to the black and white magazine was the beginning of a long slow but not disrespectful decline in quality and innovation. Don Martin made his first appearance in issue 29 and along with the great Sergio Aragon├ęs maintained the senbalnce of respectable insanity. Martin left Mad in 1987 with bad blood flowing between him and editor Bill Gaines and reappeared in Cracked Magazine, the irony being that Mad, a parody publication was now being parodied by other publications.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Incredibly Strange Rabbit Picture Number 44

You won't find these at the Disney Store.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Add Lettuce

I brought back the previously un-named time-traveling rabbit from last year due to popular demand.  Thanks very much to the two people who e-mailed me suggesting it. I think she will fit in nicely as a foil for Weenus and a mischievous companion for Eightball.

Dog-Faced Boy

My friend and esteemed Argentinean colleague Fede Pazos blogged today about a strip he did when he started out on his cartooning career. It was published in the Argentine edition of the infamous weekly French magazine Inrockuptibles and featured a small boy called Chicocaraperro who had the face of a dog.  If you don't speak Spanish I hope you can at least appreciate the awesomeness of his clean art style.