Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Big Con

This weekend is WonderCon in San Francisco and I'll be there as usual, spreading my time between the Cartoon Art Museum booth (#721) and the National Cartoonists Society booth (#811).  If you're attending, please drop by to say hello and get a free sketch.  I'm easy to spot. I'll be the one person there not wearing a superhero costume.

Aural B

Rhymes With Orange guy today clearly dated the same Powerhouse Patty that Weenus did a few weeks ago.

Waldo and Wally

My all-time favorite strip cartoonist from Guildford in England, Piers Baker, did a tribute to Where's Waldo (sometimes known as Where's Wally in the British regions) in his always excellent Ollie and Quentin strip today. 
It shames my attempt at parody of the same theme from back in June of ought nine.  I clearly didn't use nearly enough lugworms.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet, Elite and Final

I thought I'd better post one of my own strips here for a change.  This is Sunday's basketball strip which I drew a while ago but timed it to coincide with the NCAA college basketball "March Madness" competition which is playing in Houston at the moment.   If I tell you I had to look that last bit up you'll understand I'm not much of a college sports fan.

The Rabbit in the Hat

Excellent rabbit pellet humor over at today's The Flying McCoys.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cliché Eradication

The always awesome Minimum Security by Stephanie McMillan evoked a haughty chuckle from me today.  Maybe I'll have Weenus blow up a sewage system.

Sushi/Aquarium Jokes Part 4

This weeks contribution to this fascinating and ever-growing genre from Adrian Raeside over at The Other Coast. This continues a theme started here and here and continued here.  One more for a Yahtzee!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Imaginapolis 500

Yesterday marked a milestone for Clovis, Dewey, Darrin and Robert the Plant as Imagine This reached the five hundred mark.  Congratulations Lucas! The strip gets better and better.  Fellow Tall Tale Feature cartoonist Lucas is selling off this historic piece on eBay so get your bid in early before the Smithsonian snaps it up.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Giving Birth to the Evil Rabbit

A lot of my humor is constructed by taking a normal situation with two events and reversing the roles.  In the strip above of course it's usually humans who make rabbit shadows and I switched it up.  There is probably a fancy word to describe this kind of humor but I call them "Bicycle Repair Man" jokes after the classic Monty Python sketch.
Fig. 18 above is from the addictive and hugely entertaining blog Mostly Forbidden Zone.

Radio Lemonade

And if that wasn't enough, episode 78 of the otherwise excellent Tall Tale Radio has lowered its usually high standards again by interviewing me on the occasion of becoming a TTF member.  Also on the show, the great Mike Witmer who draws one of my all time favorite strips Pinkerton.You can listen to the show (and leave abusive comments) here.

From Tom's rather flattering intro:

"Life has given Tall Tale Features Lemons, and well, we’re buying lemonade for everyone! Tall Tale Radio is proud to present the first official podcast with newest TTFer, Jonathan Lemon of the brilliant “Rabbits Against Magic.” Mike Witmer of “Pinkerton” fame joins us for the first part of the interview to chat with Lemon about his work, and then he and I go off on our merry way, talking about Proust, RC Harvey, English football, American baseball, and a little bit of everything.  We even utterly rip off James Lipton and “Inside the Actor’s Studio” so join me in welcoming Mr. Lemon to our little cult!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tall Tales

Exciting news!  I am both humbled and excited to announce that Rabbits Against Magic is now a Tall Tale Feature! Tall tale Features is a community of cartoonists started up a couple of years ago by Mike Witmer who draws Pinkerton and features an amazing line up of uber talented artist including Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug), Lucas Turnbloom (Imagine This), Brock Heasley (The Super Fogeys), Irma Eriksson (Imy),  Dave Reddick (Legend of Bill), Barb Jacobs (Xylia), Chip Skelton (Broken Things) and Norm Feuti (Retail and Gill). The site is also the home of Tall Tale Radio Show and podcast, hosted by the venerable Tom Racine which is a must listen for anyone with even a passing interest in living life to the fullest.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm doing what's called in the blogging business a "re-post" of this delightful Matchbox custume from 1963. I particularly enjoy the eye slots and their placement on the top section to create a rather scared looking face which appears to say "this entire outfit is about to go up in flames, get me out of here". The original is over at the always great yet dangerously addictive Mostly Forbidden Zone.

Wasting Pixels

David-Wasting-Paper (not his real name) is a blog lovingly maintained by artist, musician and all-round good guy David Paccia.  He's been regularly interviewing top artists for some time and has obviously exhausted the pool since I am the featured interview number 93!  The interviews are a great read even if you're not familiar with the creators themselves since there's a lot of geeking out over the tools of the trade.

Cubist Libre

This strip ran back in July 2008.  I rarely look back at my old strips since the the crude artwork often makes me cringe but I actually got a smile out of this one. However, these days I would never make the mistake of perspective that I did on the armchair and the basin in the bathroom.  It's hard to believe I spent four years at art school. Also the door is missing a frame for some reason.  I think the saving grace is the Dali duck  painting in the background.