Wednesday, April 18, 2007

San Francisco Bizarro

Dan Piraro is the self-proclaimed impossibly famous cartoonist who draws the Bizarro comic strip. Even though he doesn't need it I'm giving a plug for his new book because he got me a signed copy and, well—let's face it—he's more talented, better looking and more hip than I could ever even dream of being. The book is beautifully printed on nice expensive paper and it's a retrospective of sorts with not just his cartoons but a lot of fine art and doodles and a long bio. If you only know his syndicated newspaper panel you will be surprised by his finesse as an oil painter and his strong convictions as a political and animal rights activist. He is currently touring around selected parts of the US with his very entertaining Bizarro Baloney Show, a sort of book reading that has morphed into a comedy show.

Check Dan's excellent website for info.