Thursday, June 2, 2022

Rabbits Reuben Awards Submission Package 2022

I’m deeply humbled, and honored, that my comic strip Rabbits Against Magic has (for the third time!) been nominated by my peers as one of the three finalists for the Silver Reuben award by the National Cartoonists Society for "Best On-Line Comic Strip". The winner will be announced in September’s black tie ceremony in Kansas City, MO. Congrats to the other nominees... the amazing Rich Powell and the wonderful Scott Nickel too.

The NCS only requires 8 samples now (down from the previous12). It was a pretty daunting task to whittle all of last year's strips down to just 8. The voting was done online and any member of the NCS could vote.  Previously, only one chapter (often only four or five people) who make the selections.

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