Thursday, November 4, 2010

Radio Radio

Sunday's strip as a lot of fun to draw and featured several vintage radios. The Bakelite model is an actual radio I own.  You can see it in this picture below (with a couple of half-finished strips on the table).

I actually shipped the radio from England when I moved to California.  The dial features lots of long gone European wartime radio stations. I hacked the insides so that I can play my iPod through the speaker. Avid Rabbits Reader "Jo Jo" Left this fascinating information on GoComics:

"For future strip consideration regarding Bakelite: the grandson of the guy who invented Bakelite ran off with his son’s girlfriend; the granddaughter-in-law had intimate relations with the son (her own child) to “cure” him of his gayness; and the son murdered the mother and later attempted to murder his grandmother".

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