Monday, July 5, 2010

Kool as a Kukumber

I sighed with great pleasure when I read the last panel of today's Krazy Kat re-run over at the Daily Ink.  It's so wonderful in every way,  particularly the pun-crazed multi-limbed Ignatz and the sudden appearance of Krazy's miniature parasol.  I love the cucumber character as well. Herriman's daily strips don't get nearly as much attention as his Sunday masterpieces. Note here his use of panels to help the flow of the dialog with a literal compression and release of frame sizes.  He crams a lot of text into the two central panes and adds a block of black the center to balance the composition of the piece. Pure genius.  I'm probably not supposed to be reproducing it here so I'd better add a plug for the essential Daily Ink site here.

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