Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rabbits Against Topless Magic

Yes! A topless magic show. One assumes they will be pulling more than just a rabbit out of the hat. As you may have guessed I'm currently in Las Vegas for a meeting, and managed to find my way out of the casino for a couple of hours to take some pictures.

Since I'm not a gambler, Vegas doesn't hold much interest for me other than marveling at the jaw-dropping excess that demonstrates the worst aspects of life in these United States. While recreating the great European landmarks under a fake sky and pouring buxom wenches into the tightest cocktail dresses for the purpose of coaxing ever more bits of green paper from you pocket appears to be a successful business model, the retro kitsch of Frank, Dean and Sammy has all but vanished. That's me (above) being crushed by the clown outside Circus Circus.Perhaps the oddest sight in all of Vegas was this vending machine--the kind usually filled with plush toys that you can almost never hook with the mechanical claw--except that this one was filled with live lobsters. If you should be able to hook yourself a hapless crustacean ($1 a pop) the restaurant will cook and serve it for you for free!Frankly there's just too much smoke and noise and insanity in Vegas. Luckily, the public transit system offers the most peaceful refuge you'll ever find.

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