Friday, June 19, 2009

Heron Yahtzee!

Here's my Rabbits Against Magic strp from May 21st:
And here's the "(Th)ink" cartoon from June 18th by Keith Knight:
Now I'm not saying that Keith ripped me off. Far from it. What I'm saying is that we both ripped off the poem and song by Gil Scott-Heron. Besides, I know Keith and I'm a big fan of his work and I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my strip. Seriously, this sort of coincidence happens all the time, especially in Editorial cartooning (how many more times must we see Kim Jong-il with his hair as a nuclear explosion? ). Here's a weird "corn-popper" coincidence that occurred a few weeks ago when two strips ran corn-popper gags on the same day. This is one reason I never run corn-popper gags.

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