Friday, July 18, 2008

Crazy Crab

July 18th was Crazy Crab day. If you don't already know Crazy Crab is the greatest mascot in the history of sports. Heck, he could be the single greatest thing *in* sports!

Crazy Crab was the San Francisco Giants’ "anti-mascot" during the woeful 1984 season . It was intended to lampoon the new influx of mascots to baseball in the late seventies-early eighties. Fans were encouraged to boo and even pelt the poor costumed crustacean with hot dogs and popcorn as he scuttled sideways around the field. Even the players would get into the act, taking out their frustrations with bats and resin bags to the point that the crab required reinforced fiberglass coating added to the costume. His reign lasted only one season but in the ensuing years he has become something of a cult figure. He came back for the very last Dodgers series at Candlestick Park (he came out in a Limo and his eye fell off) and today they had Crazy Crab Bobblehead Night. He has a fan site here.

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J. Lemon said...

The "other guy" is my pal Erik.... I know, I can't believe he didn't "Colbert" the crab either.