Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Op-Art

I'm sure somewhere on the Internets there's a site that will create one of those monster images made up of thousands of your tiny JPEG files.  Until I get the urge to do that, here's a cute little cluster that doesn't form an image no matter how hard you stare.  It's for a gray background for an upcoming image I was working on today.


Anonymous said...

I know this might be a little out of place, but why did you draw Trixie, the female rabbit that Weenus is madly in love with, in such great big brown boots? Why not sandles like the other artsy beatniks?

J. Lemon said...

Ah, well, apart from my natural aversion to sandals, I wanted her to buck the stereotype of female characters wearing necklaces and Minnie Mouse shoes. Also, Weenus travels a good ten feet further when he's kicked with a pair of Doc Martens. You raise a good point however. Maybe Trixie can go through a Peppermint Patty phase to reconnect with her beatnik roots.