Friday, August 6, 2010

Déjà Viewed

It's a strange world in the universe of comic strip ideas.  Every day about 400 cartoonists in the US try to come up with an original idea and very often they unintentionally come up with the same, or very similar jokes. In the past I've pointed out some other synchronicitous cartooning coincidences. Over at GoComics today, someone pointed out that my strip  resembled a The Dogs of C Kennel strip from February 6th 2008.

The most excellent strip is drawn by the Mastroianni brothers Mick and Mason and I hadn't seen it before although the resemblance seems to be only in the fact that an animal other than a hamster appears inside a plastic ball.

It's been an interesting week of unintentional coincidences.  Check out Bizarro from Monday:

And here's a Rabbits strip from December aught eight.   It makes me feel good to know that I came up with the roughly the same joke as this years Reuben Award winner and excellent all-round nice guy Dan Pirarro.

Then a couple of days later came this.

Which is a much better version of my strip from February last year.

And just to make it interesting here's the Tundra strip from Monday.

I was thinking migrating ducks back in July, 2006.

Obviously my big mistake was leaving out the "Wheeeee!"


hungrydog said...

But yours has beautiful perspective and colours, plus original characters.

J. Lemon said...

Well thanks hungrydog. Small consolation however. I feel like one of the infinate monkeys with the infinate typewriters coming up with the same jokes.

hungrydog said...

Nice metaphor use, but you know you are one of the better monkeys...