Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rabbits Against Obama

Ken Fallin is the featured artist over at David Wasting Paper's Cartoonist Survey this week. I really like Ken's lines.  Very subtle and well crafted.  He says a lot with the white spaces he uses than most caricaturists.  It's no surprise to see he's heavily influenced by another great New York cartoonist Al Hirshfeld. Although Hirshfeld is mostly known for his theater illustrations with the work "Nina" hidden within them, I think his best work was done as an illustrator (and travel companion) for S. J. Perelman's book about an eight month jaunt around the world "Westward Ha" (1948). If anyone shows any remote interest I'll happily scan them and post them here.


Jessie said...

Did you see the Hirshfeld exhibit at City Hall a few years ago? Amazing economy of line.

J. Lemon said...

Sadly no. But I did see the R. Crumb exhibit at the YBCA about ten times :-)