Monday, April 5, 2010

Bright Lights Big City

Some more sketches from the final day at WonderCon.  This was the first year I used watercolors.  I had to keep excusing myself to wash my brushes.

More colorful even than my watercolor palette is RAM fan and all-round wonderful person Skinniwinni who designs slippers and promotes happiness.
Finally, here's me tending the NCS booth.  Also present at booth 811 was Paul Jon, the super talented guy behind the most excellent Fort Knox and Nature Calls comic strips.  I think he may have heard my George Ringo joke before.


Jessie said...

Wish I'd come!

J. Lemon said...

It was very busy this year. Lots of fun.

Jeff Durham said...

So true-- it was good fun! Great sitting with you for a bit that weekend. Loved to watch you work, sir!

J. Lemon said...

Thanks Jeff. Great to spend time with you as well even if you didn't bring the terrorist ventriloquist doll this time ;-) . Everyone check out Jeff's super amazing website: