Friday, October 30, 2009

Movies Featuring Cartoonists Part 1

Columbia just released the 1944 Screwball comedy "She Wouldn't Say Yes" on DVD starring Rosalind Russell. The plot centers around Russell who plays a psychiatrist (the immovable object) and Lee Bowman, a wartime cartoonist (the irresistible force) who draws a comic strip called "The Nixie". Rosalind Russell is such an interesting leading lady since physically she was a long way from the classic petite leggy blond so beloved in wartime pictures, although she looks pretty dashing in Travis Bainton's wardrobe.

The comic strip is about a little whistling pixie who helps people banish inhibitions. It's drawn in a four panel pantomime format and incredibly (by today's standard anyway) runs the full width of the page! Sadly the real cartoonist doesn't get a credit.

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