Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cheap Plug

I always draw those little electrical sockets in my backgrounds to fill space. The rules of the Cartoonist's Union require that all regular props like this are required to have at least one major role during the course of a strips lifetime.


Administrator said...

Hee Hee, I love this Jonathan. Don't recognise those plugs though. They look foreign to me.

J. Lemon said...

Hello Administrator! Thanks for the comment. They are for the old-style Type A - NEMA US/Japanese 2-pin flat blade attachment plugs 1-15 (North American 15 A/125 V ungrounded). They are standardized by the U.S. National Electrical Manufacturers Association and adopted by 38 other countries. This simple plug with two flat parallel pins, or blades, is used in most of North America and on the east coast of South America on devices not requiring a ground connection, such as lamps and "double-insulated" small appliances. Hope that helps.