Monday, March 9, 2009

Go Clovis

Since he was kind enough to plug Rabbits when I was "promoted" to GoComics last month, I'm happy to do the same for Lucas Turnbloom. Imagine This is making the great leap up to the online syndication world sometime soon and about time too. Hefty congratulations Lucas. Both our strips started around the same time on Comics Sherpa in early 2008 so I'm most joyous to see we're both headed more or less in the right direction. If you don't already read the antics of Clovis, Dewey and Robert the Plant, head on over and check them out. I believe there are more thrilling news announcements to follow shortly which may or may not involve yours truly.


J. Lemon said...

Lucas is also featured guest on Tall Tale Radio episode 16 this week announcing the news:

or direct download:

Lucas Turnbloom said...


Thanks for the blug, man!

Lucas Turnbloom said...


Thanks for the PLUG!
Not blug. LOL

J. Lemon said...

New word for "blog plug"?