Monday, March 23, 2009

How To Get A Head In Cartooning

Here's a strip I ran on Sherpa last September:... and here's the original version as I first drew it. Sharp-eyed readers will notice the Homer Simpson-like head was supplanted by a skull. I'm not sure why I self-censored here but I was happier with the result. Maybe the skull looks goofy enough that you can overlook the otherwise realistically rendered human digestive system. I've only ever received one complaint (so far!) about a Rabbits strip and that was a reference to one of the characters urinating in his pants rather than miss the National Anthem at a ball game. Notice Doodles the Duck in the background making perhaps the worst shot ever in the history of miniature golf.


Cracker said...

I'm not sure where that putt-putt is, but I'll make a note not to take my kids there.

Unless those are Jonas Brothers skulls of course. That changes everything.

J. Lemon said...

LOL! It's actually inspired by the one in (on?) South Lake Tahoe, California although they only let you play the decomposing zombie hole if you know the password.