Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heads Up!

Starting on Monday my strip will be moving from Comics Sherpa to the GoComics site which is thrilling news. I'm quite sad to be leaving Sherpa however since it has served me well while I got my footing. Now, exactly 276 strips later I'll be rubbing shoulders with Garfield, Bloom County, Doonesbury, Calvin, Hobbes and the rest of the Universal Press Syndicate stable. I created an extra strip to run exclusively on Sherpa during the transition (don't hold your breath) plus some spot illustrations for the announcement (see above).


Bear said...

Congrats J! I've enjoyed your strip/art for a while now and will look for it on Your style/humor just knocks me out.

J. Lemon said...

Thanks for the comment Bear. I'm extremely excited by the move as it's a big step up. Thanks for reading.

dikki said...

Best of luck to you, J! Your work is just beautiful! That John Glynn has a good eye for talent!

Mark Tatulli

J. Lemon said...

um...[gulp] wow! Thanks Mark. I'm humbled to find that you visited my blog. My career can only go downhill from here. May I speak for all of us when I say that the world of comics is a much better place thanks to your wonderful contributions.

Chimpster said...

Awesome news. Well done.

John S. said...

Hey! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I love your strip, and your blog is damned inspiring, particularly the bit where you explain your process.
Congrats on the whole GoComics deal and thank you so much for the link!!!