Friday, September 5, 2008

Still Krazy

As the Giants finish off another dreadful season I kill my time between innings reading vintage Krazy Kat comics. There is no doubt in my mind (and many others) that Krazy Kat is the greatest comic strip ever (Pogo in second place trails a fair way behind). I therefore hesitated to soil the integrity of George Herriman by using his characters in a Rabbits strip. However, I liked copying his raw scratchy style. It's customary when you do this sort of character theft to write "Apologies to [insert artist's name]" somewhere in the frame but seeing as he died in 1944 I just added a copyright notice so his syndicate doesn't call me... although I'm still waiting to hear back from them after sending them a submission package several weeks ago.

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rebecca said...

my name is rebecca I am attempting to learn cartooning and comic strips what if you dont have india ink what if you only have colored pencils and black ink writing pens. is it always necessary to use india ink?
thank you for your input and please keep up the wonderful artwork