Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Moose and the Squirrel

One of my favorite sights in Los Angeles is the Rocky and Bullwinkle statue at 8200 West Sunset Boulevard right by the National Lampoon offices and marking the former home of Jay Ward Studios (see my post about Crusader Rabbit here).

Apparently the 15 foot high statue erected in 1961 to parody a statue directly across the street of a bikini-clad spinning cowgirl on a billboard advertising the Sahara Hotel in las Vegas.   The original Bullwinkle spun as well and whenever the bikini changed, Bullwinkle's shirt was painted to match.  Sadly the statue is now enlosed in a Hollywood Hounds Doggy Daycare facing a Gucci ad.  You can revel in the splendor that was once Sunset Strip in this short silent video.  Bullwinkle appears at around the 0:44 second mark.

More thrilling Sunset Strip footage over here.

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