Friday, December 10, 2010

Too Cool For School

The strip I drew for tomorrow (or today depending on which time zone you're in) was originally drawn thus:

However the powers that be deemed giraffe genitalia, covered or otherwise, to be just too dang racy and thus I had to swap in the wordplay panel you see below (which you can click to enlarge to see my hopelessly erratic inking details).

To be honest it's not a great joke.  Sometimes a forced change like this can actually improve a strip.  It took me ages to find animal names that rhyme with things you put around your neck.  The only other one I came up with was a feather boa for a boa constrictor but that's just silly.


Flipper said...

Hello J. Lemon! I really like your comic and I think Eightball and Weenus are so cute (and funny)! Do you mind if I use them as a facebook profile picture (with credits to you and this comic of course)?

J. Lemon said...

Flipper! Thanks for reading. Fine with me if you use them as avatar.

Flipper said...

Thanks, awesome! =D I liked your comic-tutorial, by the way - that was how I found your comic!

J. Lemon said...

No problem. Please make sure to join the Rabbits Against Magic Facebook Group ;-)