Thursday, July 1, 2010

New and Old

Over at the Daily Ink, King Features have just started offering some extra vintage cartoons including the original  Billy DeBeck styled Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, and this little known gem (above) by Jimmy Hatlo called "Little Iodine" who was a female Dennis the menace type character.  I really love the overall feel of the feature which was "ghost" drawn by Bob Dunn.  So much action and detail and excellent use of black.  The character was a spin off from Hatlo's much more well known strip "They'll Do It Every Time" and apparently ran through the mid eighties and was even made into a feature film in 1946.  King Features also just announced the launch of a new feature called "Oh, Brother!" (below) drawn by Jay Stephens (who is responsible for the most awesome Oddville) and written by Shylock Fox creator Bob Weber, Jr.
I'm a huge fan of Jay's clean retro style which will reproduce nicely in today's shrinking newspaper real estate.

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