Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Darker Side of Rabbits

When I submit my roughs to my editor I rarely get a strip rejected outright.  The original version of today's strip, however, was deemed "too dark".
While I agree that having one of your characters cut one of his/her appendages off is a bit gruesome, I did want to retain the "finger-in-a-box" joke.  I tried several ways to make it so that Weenus suffered to consequences of being such a sicko but it was still kinda gory until I solicited a cameo appearance form the always wonderful Lio by the prolific and mega talented Mark Tutulli.
Somehow the idea of it being a fake plastic hand is much more palatable.

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J. Lemon said...

Looks like Weenus had an inadvertent stutter in the last panel.