Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tall Tales

Exciting news!  I am both humbled and excited to announce that Rabbits Against Magic is now a Tall Tale Feature! Tall tale Features is a community of cartoonists started up a couple of years ago by Mike Witmer who draws Pinkerton and features an amazing line up of uber talented artist including Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug), Lucas Turnbloom (Imagine This), Brock Heasley (The Super Fogeys), Irma Eriksson (Imy),  Dave Reddick (Legend of Bill), Barb Jacobs (Xylia), Chip Skelton (Broken Things) and Norm Feuti (Retail and Gill). The site is also the home of Tall Tale Radio Show and podcast, hosted by the venerable Tom Racine which is a must listen for anyone with even a passing interest in living life to the fullest.


David Reddick said...

Broheim, it is an HONOR to have you among us. I LOVE Rabbits Against Magic. You ROCK!! ;-)

J. Lemon said...

Mr. Reddick! Thanks! I'm humbled to be among such illustrious tallent. Now everyone go check out the fabulous "Legend of Bill"

Lucas Turnbloom said...

Yet, another addition to our lil' group who makes me look like even MORE of a hack. Thanks, Lem.


Welcome aboard, bud!

J. Lemon said...

You're too modest Mr. Turnbloom. "Imagine This" is prime time my friend. I'm still wallowing away on the less coveted 4-6am slot.