Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Rabbit

Oh those glory days of kiddie comics.  I really enjoyed this episode of Super Rabbit # 3.  It was drawn and created by Ernie Hart. In everyday life, Super Rabbit was a mild-mannered newsbunny or shoeshine bunny (sound familiar?) named Waffles. When trouble arose, Waffles would rub his magic ring (hmmmm) and transform into a big, strong roid-raged superhero. From the blurb "And lest the evildoers he subdued have any doubt as to who it was that brought them to justice, Super Rabbit didn't confine himself to a mere initial, like most of the super guys — he had his full name written across his chest". There are some full *very* high resolution scans over in the Cartoon SNAP! archives.

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